Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Katy Perry

I have sort of odd, random taste. To the point where I've stopped trying to explain to people how or why I like something. Often, there is absolutely no reason at all.

I cannot explain my love of Katy Perry. It just exists - and it's awesome. My roommate and I have been eagerly anticipating her first CD (which drops June 17) for weeks.

The video alone for "Ur So Gay" is beyond brilliant (and the song is just giggle-worthy and catchy as hell).

"I Kissed A Girl" is the single that's floating out there in Radioland now and garnering her some attention. It's danceable and fun and poses a scenario that men have been dreaming about since...well, forever.

She also does an absolutely fantastic cover of "Use Your Love" by The Outfield. But I'm going to make you Google it yourself...trust me, it's worth the time you'll spend.

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