Monday, August 4, 2008

What could have been - Buffy: The Animated Series

Buffy: The Animated Seried was one of many oft-rumored and discussed follow-ups to the 1997-2003 television show that never quite made it to fruition (please add it to a list that already includes the Ripper, Faith and Spike spinoffs).

From what I recall, the animated series actually made it fairly far along in the creative process. However, there was never anything to show for it…until now. Behold the awesome and wonderful power of YouTube, which has a 3:35 promo of what the animated series would have been like, if.

I’m leaning toward the “glad this didn’t get made” side of the fence. Reverting back to high school, dialogue not as clever as it should be…plus, the Scooby Gang as cartoons just doesn’t work for me on a very basic level. It’s just plain WEIRD.

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