Tuesday, December 18, 2007


= The return of LOST.

Season 4.

After a mostly lackluster Season 3 (it seriously almost lost me, and I'm not one to drop a show I've been following since Day 1 lightly), the show was absolutely lights-out fanastic in the last few episodes. I managed to put the cliffhangers and unanswered questions out of my mind for the last few months (because otherwise you just drive yourelf crazy).

But then they go and release the official two-minute trailer for Season 4.

And now I'm just DONE. I can feel my inner TV geek getting excited. My anticipation for the premiere is only going to grow and, by this time next month may threaten to all-out consume me. I'm almost afraid to find out how many episodes they managed to shoot before the strike hit. Because you just KNOW this season is going to rock your socks off and possibly (probably) halted production in the middle of something ridiculously awesome.

Not sure how much I gleaned from the trailer. Anyone else think the titles look weird? Has the reflection in the water never matched the island "skyline" above...or am I just crazy and/or blind? There are a couple of new faces (the "rescuers," a term I put in parenthesis purposefully) and the lack of Charlie just made me incredibly sad. Locke still hates Ben, he and Jack are probably still going to be at odds (one of my absolute favorite parts of the show) and Sawyer and Kate will continue to shoot each other smoldering glances of barely-restained sexual tension. Other than that...it just sent me to the edge of my seat and made me go "WHAT?! There's NO MORE?!" to my empty living room.

The countdown begins, JJ. Don't you disappoint me again.

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