Tuesday, January 8, 2008

BSG: More Awesome By The Day

I admit it: I'm the 12th Cylon.

This photo kills me. KILLS me.

One, it's amazingly good. Entertainment Weekly has it (exclusively) in its January 14th issue. They liken it to a "last supper" photo, contending that every character's placement, actions, expressions and even clothing give big clues to what happens in Season 4.

I love that there are two Sixes. The killer red dress is back. Starbuck and Anders look hot. The Chief looks like he's in love with his knife. I'm not fooled for a second that Adama and Roslin are on complete opposite sides of the table. I'm intrigued that the only side of Tigh you see is the one with the eye patch. Jamie Bamber isn't aging well...though that really doesn't have anything to do with anything, I suppose (it's just sad is all). Helo and Athena are afraid of someone...but who the frak are they looking at?

Two, it makes the wait for new episodes (APRIL!) almost unbearable. Even more unbearable? They didn't finish filming the entire (final) season before the strike, which worries me. It's a show that's been on thin ice in general for its entire run. If it doesn't get to finished, I may riot. You heard it here first.

Cast photos are shot for every show nearly every season. How many of them actually MEAN anything, though? How many of them are laden with so much subtext and careful planning that it makes a fanboy or girl's head spin? How many of them are just so damn awesome that, even though I am WAY too old for this, I will likely be tearing it out and taping it up on my wall?
Just BSG. Because no one does awesome quite like them.

I'll take two. K thx.

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danielletbd said...

That was the one article in EW this week that I didn't read... 'cause I had no idea what they were talking about. But did you see the pic of Alexis in the "Survivor" article? I'm so excited for her; I'm actually going to watch this season!!