Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Idol's Top 24: The Guys

David Hernandez: He sort of looked like his brain wasn't able to remember lyrics, sing AND move his body all at the same time. He didn't look terrified, but he also didn't look like he was completely there, you know? I felt like he was singing to the little green ligons (half-lion, half-dragon, naturally) that live in his happy place inside his head. It worries me that he doesn't seem to have much of a personality when he's not singing, either. But his vocals for "In the Midnight Hour" were solid (if unspectacular) so I'm pretty sure he'll stick around.

Chikeze: Dude, where did your last name go? I mean, I realize it's just the last three letters of your first name over again, so maybe you felt it was a bit superfluous...but still. You are not there yet, buddy. Your sorbet-colored suit proved it. I initially thought you sort of got a bad rap for singing a song from the 60s in an "old-fashioned manner," but that excuse became flimsier once I heard some of the other contestants perform. Also, I take an immediate dislike to uber-defensive, borderline disrespectful contestants like you. Get over it and get over yourself: the judges are doing their jobs and you're not helping your own case by coming off as flippant.

David Cook: I really, really want to try hard not to be biased...but I love this dude. A lot. If I find out that he has a tattoo, I will be done. I may have to start stalking him around Los Angeles (reputed Idol curfew notwithstanding).

Oh David...we could be "So Happy Together."

I think he could have chosen a better song for his voice, but he was the first contestant to put a very distinctive, personal stamp on both the song and his performance (awkward holding of the mic stand aside). He definitely rocked it, and I look forward to seeing what he can do with songs that are a better fit for his style. I definitely worry, however, that he will fall victim to the overarching failing of the show: those who rock a bit harder than most usually end up as square pegs in a round, Idol hole.

Jason Yaeger: *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* Oh, I'm sorry. I was re-watching his performance on You Tube. The guy sat on a chair and sang "Moon River" with blue mood lighting. I agree with Simon: he's like a lounge singer on a cruise ship who, you know, can sing very nicely and all, but you only go to see him because you're surrounded on all sides by ocean and there's nothing else to do.

Robbie Carrico: This guy is a performer and it shows. You don't really expect that voice to come out of a guy who looks like Robbie (he claims to be all "rock" but I think his voice is more pop, honestly), but I really liked his take on "One" by Three Dog Night. I would definitely put it in the Top 6 performances of the night and I really look forward to hearing more of what he has to offer...since I think he's pretty safe.

David Archuleta: I want to take a poll: who thinks that Archie's (there are too many Davids and he's so darn adorable that I am giving him an equally adorable nickname) excessive humility and "aw shucks" smile and foot shuffle will eventually start wearing a bit thin? When you take into account that the kid is no stranger to the spotlight there's an evil little part of me (the part that's been hardened by being born and raised in Los Angeles where falseness is king) that wonders how much of his reaction is sincere and how much of it was scripted backstage in front of a mirror.

A good friend of mine made an incredibly apt comparison in his Idol blog:

David A: the 'A" stands for "aw, shucks."

Here's the thing: I'd hate to see the backlash happen, especially if he continues singing like he did last night. Which is to say, incredibly well. I loved his version of "Shop Around." It had power, it had range and he sang it like a 17-year-old kid: full of energy but a little overexcited. I'm not worried about him: he'll be around for a good long while.

Danny Noriega: Danny, Danny, Danny. Why did you pick an Elvis song? Why did you have to do it? It's almost like you're hammering nails into your own coffin. You butchered "Jailhouse Rock." There's just no other way to say it. You have attitude and your skinny tie and skinny jeans are adorable, really, but...just no. Hands down the worst song choice of the night, and it may doom you. Which is a shame because you're actually interesting (and the fact that you sassed Simon so perfectly made me giggle).

Luke Menard: You look like you accidentally stumbled onto a giant stage while on your way to the corner store for some milk and a 40. You seemed genuinely surprised that there was a microphone in font of you and you were supposed to sing words into it. I have no idea what you sang, because I was busy trying to find my left shoe under the couch and then I wandered off to find something to eat for dinner. Yeah.

Colton Berry: Also tried to sing Elvis (and one of my favorites, to boot). He, to his credit, did a much better job with "Suspicious Minds" than Danny Noriega did with "Jailhouse Rock." He had a nice depth to his voice and it was a very good performance, but nothing made me go "wow." I have to admit, I did get distracted by his hair for a while. What was going on there, buddy?

Garrett Haley: I hated everything about his performance. I actually muted it. I just couldn't take any of it, from the Peter Frampton hair to the thin voice to the entire lack of charisma (seriously, I don't think the kid has a single drop of it anywhere in him). *Yawn* You're dismissed.

Jason Castro: I will avoid any of the multitude of "white Rastafarian" jokes that are floating around the blogosphere today (you're welcome). I will say that I liked his performance a lot better after a second viewing. He sang "Daydream" very daydream-y, which I suppose is apt. Minimal, in the context of Idol, really is novel and different, so kudos to him for taking that risk. I do think that there's something slightly creepy and unsettling about the look on his face when he sings: I feel like behind that smile lies a promise to follow me back to my dorm room with an axe at midnight. That aside, though...

I like him, but he might kill me in my sleep.

Michael Johns: Yes, the dude is Aussie. Yes, he's sorta hot. But I'm definitely not over the moon for him. He did a fabulous rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" during Hollywood Week, but I was under whelmed by both his choice and his performance of "Light My Fire." He did a perfectly competent job. If he didn't ooze charisma and sex appeal, he'd be in a lot more trouble.

Who will get the boot? Hopefully, Garrett and Luke.

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