Monday, February 11, 2008

WGA Strike: The End is Near!

Yay! No more fighting!

Entertainment industry employees (like myself) are prepped and ready to breathe a huge sigh of "the strike is finally over" relief. And, you know, I bet the writers are pretty happy too.

WGA members, 3500 strong, met at the Shrine Auditorium on Saturday night to hear details of the proposed deal. Reportedly, though the deal doesn't completely satisfy all of the terms the writers were asking for, the concessions were enough of a step in the right direction to persuade the WGA to accept the terms.

Writers have 48 hours from the day of the meeting (until Tuesday) to vote on the deal. If, as expected, it is approved, the three month long strike will come to an end.

Assuming the best, the Oscars will go on as scheduled February 24 with actual writers penning jokes (though that doesn't necessarily guarantee they'll be funny - Bruce Vilanch, I'm looking at you). Most shows will resume production and try to turn out an additional 4-7 episodes before the end of the television season...though it will take at least four weeks for new episodes to make it to air.

This news makes my television-addicted soul sing with joy. My withdrawal symptoms aren't pretty, people.

See complete settlement details here:

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danielletbd said...

They say that the writers need 2 weeks to write a solid Oscars script, and if they agree to the terms and get back to work by Thursday, they still won't have their full time necessary. If they need 2 weeks for the crap they've come up with in the past few years, I shudder to think what this ceremony will be like.