Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Joss has landed

Never mind that pesky potential writer's strike looming on the horizon...the television landscape has just gotten infinitely brighter.

Because this man has returned to TV.

I know, fellow Whedonites, you are skeptical. Joss has been attached to many, many projects (on both big and small screen) in the past couple of years that never saw the light of day. Wonder Woman. Goner. Ripper. That Faith spinoff. Each one got our hopes soaring...only to crush us under the bitter heel of disappointment every time (my flair for the dramatic knows no bounds). So I sense your trepidation and I totally understand it.

After all, the deal is with FOX. The network with the extremely short leash, known to cancel shows as early as 30 minutes into a one-hour pilot. The network that shoved the brilliant "Firefly" onto Friday nights, aired multiple episodes out of order and then canned it halfway through the first season. The network Joss never wanted to go back to.

But I say, "Take heart, Joss lovers!" For Whedon himself has commented on the positive changes in the FOX regime since he last brought a show there. Also, he doesn't just have a deal, he has a show - complete with purchased scripts (seven - count 'em), a title and a star.

The Queen of bad-assery, Eliza Dushku, convinced Whedon to come back to television with "Dollhouse," which Whedon half-jokingly describes as a "suspense-drama-mythology-comedy-action-horror musical."

Because I am currently too lazy to write out a synopsis, follow the link if you want to know what it's about (and who wouldn't?).

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