Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sporting Event + LA Coliseum = Baseball?

If there was a contest entitled "The best news you've ever heard ever," the following article would win, hands down.


The Dodgers are returning to the Los Angeles Coliseum, where they played from 1958-1961, to play a one game exhibition against the World Series champion Boston Red Sox. March 29, 2007 aka "the day I will possibly REALLY die of happiness."

I find the fact that they will be playing the Red Sox, who have the green monster, in this setup extremely fitting. They'll feel right at home with the fence erected in left field for "moon shots."

There is no way that I'm going to miss being one of the 94,000 people who cram into that place (I mean, I did it every other weekend for four years for football) and watch this game. It will be like stepping back in time to when baseball first came to Los Angeles.

I will, possibly, be watching the game like my father did as a boy. He was born and raised outside of LA and was a Dodgers fan from a very young age. They're bringing players from that period back, and though I've met quite a few of them in the flesh already, seeing them on that field in this context is going to be pretty damn special.

I. Can't. WAIT.

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