Thursday, November 29, 2007

Project Run-WHAT?!

Considering where I work (in TV, at Fox) it may be surprising (or possibly a sacrilege) that I'm not a big fan of reality television.

I watched The Real World for a few seasons...though I don't really count it in the universe of "reality television" that now exists. I saw the Omorosa season of The Apprentice. Survivor: Australian Outback (I think that was Season 2 or 3). The least annoying season of Queer Eye. A couple scattered seasons of The Amazing Race. I enjoyed all of the aforementioned viewing experiences. But I was never really compelled to keep watching, season-to-season. Reality television just doesn't seep into my consciousness and take hold of my brain like scripted series do.
And then came Project Runway.

I watch it religiously. Like it's my job. And I'm not even a fashion lover. I buy most of my clothes from American Eagle. My wardrobe isn't exactly "this season" (or even "last season," really) or fashion forward. I wouldn't know a couture piece if you smacked me in the face with it. I'm often baffled by what Michael Kors and Nina Garcia deem "amazing" or "atrocious."

Despite that, I can't get enough. I adore Tim Gunn and his "make it work" attitude. Heidi Klum trying to read lines makes me giggle. I love the designers, so full of themselves and so shocked when what they make is deemed less than the best thing ever. I love the weepers (especially when they're the men). I love it when the claws come out and people get snippy over their sewing machines. And if you've ever laughed harder at a reality show than when Santino made up his "Tim and Andrae go to Red Lobster" bit in the are dead to me.

This season has a crazy girl who spit marks her clothes, a heavily-tattoed 46-year-old woman named "Sweet P," Kevin the weeper and an overly confident 21-year-old queen with a Flock of Seagulls haircut updated for the 21st century (newsflash: it still doesn't look good. Christian, you fail at life). It also just had one of the greatest, funniest episodes ever.

The designers had to make menswear. Speficially, something that former NFL "great" Tiki Barber could wear on the Today show. Project Runway pretty much never designs for men. You'd think so much more thought and creativity and effort has to go into creating women's clothing. Menswear should be fairly straightforward; after all, don't they usually wear boring suits?

Apparently, that couldn't be further from the truth, and watching nearly all of the designers bite of WAY more than they could chew and struggle to tailor a pair of slacks properly had me rolling on the floor clutching my sides from laughing so hard. And we haven't even gotten to the fact that the female models were switched out for male models (leaving about 90% of the contetants slack-jawed) who got all naked and had to be fitted.

For those who may not believe me, here are the bottom three designs:

I have never seen a worse (and more hysterical) runway show. The looks from Michael Kors alone were enough to finish me. I mean, just LOOK at the collar on the model on the left (and the fact that his tie was made for a guy about seven feet tall). The model on the right doesn't even have a SHIRT on. It was essentially a "who f#@!ed up the least" challenge. In the next couple episodes, as always, the drama will intensify, personalities will crystallize, the bar will continue to rise and Michael will come up with more scathing one-liners to attemp to describe the horrors before him.

I. Can't. WAIT.

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danielletbd said...

Dude, I heart you.

I feel compelled to add here how utterly pissed off Ginny Barber looked to be there in last night's episode; like her fifteen minutes of touring the workroom just ate away precious moments she could have been powdering her face to look even more like Kimora Lee Simmons.

And I'm sorry, but as pretty as Jack is (and he IS!), did his shirt hurt your eyes, or was it just me? I don't even watch on an HDTV; I can't imagine what kind of crazy wavy lines it was doing over at your place. TV 101, folks: no solid unaged white and no crazy bright stripes! I still can't believe he won. Good luck, Matt Lauer, not going cross-eyed looking at Tiki the day he wears that. Though it was very well tailored and metro...