Monday, November 26, 2007

Vampire Legend...

I am a vampire fanatic (I’m always tempted to say “I’m a sucker for vampires” before I remember what a bad pun that is). I’ll watch or read pretty much anything that has to do with vampirism, vampires or “things-that-go-bump-in-the-night-and-will-probably-suck-your-blood-out-while-doing-it.”

I’ve read mythology books, both modern and ancient (mentions of creatures with vampire-like features date back to Mesopotamia). I’ve seen movies from Dracula to The Hunger to The Lost Boys to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and everything in between. I worship at the altar of Joss Whedon (he of Buffy and Angel cult fame).

All you really have to do is mention that there’s a vampire in any sort of entertainment project and I’m there (this explains why I watch Moonlight. Don’t judge me; it’s an obsession and I am not completely responsible for where my urges take me). I can’t explain why. I don’t identify with them or secretly want to be one. I do not dress in black or wear a vial of blood around my neck. I have not filed down my teeth, nor am I nocturnal (though I do cop to dressing up as Buffy for Halloween when I was in high school…but that was freakin’ awesome).

It doesn’t hurt that devastatingly sexy men tend to play vampires, I suppose.

I mention all of the above because I saw the extended trailer for I Am Legend before seeing Enchanted this weekend.

The movie is based on a book which, according to Wikipedia, is about the following:

“The novel opens with the monotony and horror of the daily life of the protagonist, Robert Neville. Neville is apparently the only survivor of an apocalypse caused by a pandemic of a bacterium, the symptoms of which are very similar to vampirism. Every day he makes repairs to his house, boarding up windows, stringing and hanging garlic, disposing of vampires' corpses on his lawn and going out to gather any additional supplies needed for hunting and killing more vampires.”

I’ve watched the trailer a half-dozen times (and I saw the teaser many times as well) and…I’m just not excited. I really don’t care. This is a blockbuster, sci-fi/horror, big-ass holiday weekend movie about vampires, and all I can do is shrug my shoulders and go “eh.” I can’t put my finger on why, either. I know that CGI “creatures of the night” aren’t my favorite thing. I also like the human/demon dichotomy – the relationship between the two both internally and externally. This doesn’t seem like that kind of movie.

Still, I’m sort of let down. Friends and acquaintances have been inquiring if I’m going to “line up” to see it and gauging my degree of excitement about the impending opening day. A movie that seems tailor-made to someone of my particular predilection and I’m completely ambivalent. Guess I’ll have to look forward to Sweeney Todd instead. He’s no vampire; but there’ll be blood and death and extremely pale skin everywhere…oh my.

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danielletbd said...

I agree. I have a friend who worked on the film, and I can't even get excited about it. I think if Will Smith was playing a vampire, then it'd be hot :) But it's basically going to be like "Castaway" but set in NY. LAME!